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At Equistar School of Riding we have great lesson horses. All of our horses are featured in our beginner lessons as well as our more advanced lessons.

MERCURY - Semi - Retired Lives with Hunter Smith and Lyssa Corbett

Age:  18
Color:  Gray
Breed:  Ranch Horse
Show Name:  Bullet Proof
Special Abilities:  Jumping, Western Pleasure
Favorite Snack:  Carrots
Owner:  Lyssa Corbett & Hunter Smith

Mercury's Story:

Tavia bought Mercury off a dude string.  She went to go look at some horses to buy for Christmas camp.  Even though she wasn't really interested in him, Mercury kept on following her around.  Finally she jumped on his back and rode him around.  He came home that day and has been one of her best lesson horses ever since.  Lyssa and Hunter bought Mercury from Tavia almost two years ago.  Mercury taught Lyssa how to jump and now he is teaching Hunter all about Western Pleasure.  Mercury is now retired from active lessons but still comes out occasionally to give us a hoof when we need him.


Age:  14
Color:  Sorrel
Breed:  Quarter Pony
Show Name:  He'za Texas Two Step
Special Abilities:  Jumping/Roping
Favorite Snack:  Everything
Owner:  Tavia Wolcott

Tater's Story:
Tater is from Texas.  He has that southern charm down perfectly.  When Tater first came to us he worked with Riley to become a fantastic little roping pony.  He can really chase down the cows and catch them.  Tater has also learned that he really likes to jump.  You can find him in our intermediate to advanced lessons both western and english.


Age:  19
Color:  Bay
Breed:  Quarter Horse
Show Name:  He'za Fight at High Noon
Special Abilities:  Jumping, First Lesson Horse, Western Pleasure
Favorite Snack:  EVERYTHING!
Owner:  Tavia Wolcott/Rainly Cameron

Pistol's Story:

Tavia bought him from Cave Creek Park Trail Riding.  He was originally from Idaho.  Pistol is loved by everyone at the barn.  He has the sweetest personality.  Pistol is also fulfilling his role now as Rainly's pony and he takes great care of him.


Age:  22
Color:  Black
Breed:  Grade
Show Name:  She'z an 80's Lady
Special Abilities:  Western/English Pleasure
Favorite Snack:  Carrots
Owner:  Tavia Wolcott

Foxy's Story:

Foxy came to us from down Waddell way.  We were looking for a new lesson horse and fell in love with her picture.  Went and looked and home she came!  Foxy excells at western pleasure, english, jumping and trails.  Don't let her age fool you.  She has more get up and go than most of us!


Age:  30 Something
Color:  Black
Breed:  Navajo
Special Abilities: Gymkhanas, Jumping, Being everyones favorite pony!
Favorite Snack:  Carrots
Owner:  Tavia Wolcott

Spy's Story:

Spy is now living the life a life of semi-retirement being a lead line pony for young children.  He has earned a good retirement and is enjoying it.  Keep your eyes open though - he does come by the barn occasionally to say hi!

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